It is interesting being a wedding photographer the popularity of certain dates over others.  I certainly appreciate wanting to have a nice day to have a wedding.  So that means that Jan. – March are slow wedding months due to cold weather (we run into Lent as well). July and August are pretty hot and many people are on vacation. June was and still is the most popular wedding date each year. The first Saturday in June in particular is always the most popular day of the year. Some people, I think are sometimes surprised when we don’t have to look for a date to see if we are available for a date. Certain dates each year are just more popular. Typically the first Sat. in June books up at least a year in advance and there have been years where it has booked up two years in advance.  In years past at the Bridal Fair there was a calendar put up and the brides were invited to “tag” the date that their wedding was on. By the end of the Bridal Fair it was evident, that year anyway, about 1/4 of the brides in attendance were looking for the first Sat. in June.

It is interesting this year of the popularity of 10/12/13. We had a lot of inquiries at the Bridal Fair here in Topeka about that date and since the Bridal Fair we have gotten at least 8 inquiries for that date. I make sure that I tell people that we have other dates open very close to 10/12 but almost 95% of the time people will say that they are set on that particular date.

We always encourage people to book the things first that people only have one of on their wedding date. For instance wedding photographers, that I know, only book one wedding a day. Venues for a particular room only book one big event per day.  Florists, caterers, bakers, limos and formal wear people can all handle multiple weddings on a particular date. That being said, there are  advantages  to booking a vendor that can handle several events on one day on a less popular date. The advantage  is that they won’t be as rushed on your wedding day. If you know that you are very set on a particular popular date make sure you book early. A year in advance is not uncommon.

Ask us questions! An advantage to having been a wedding photographer now for 20 years is that we can help the brides, that choose us, by offering suggestions for anything from the time schedule to the caterer that is best suited to their wedding and everything in between. We, as your photographers, want your day to be absolutely perfect. A happy relaxed, having fun bride makes for happy relaxed having fun photographs!  Remember we have in 19 years of  experience in working with other vendors.  We know many of the little things to ask and be aware of  in planning your wedding day. Give us a call 233-3827.

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